Our Mission.

PGA tailors strategies for Australians from all walks of life.  Showcasing over 25 financial services and advisory products implemented with a meticulous approach. Everyone should be doing everything in their power to get a head in life, PGA is your catalyst for forward trajectory.


Peace of mind

Commitment to service

Strong alliances


Debt reduction
Property investment
Taxation planning


Your family’s security
Retirement planning
A brighter future

How We Started.

Property Guide Australia was initiated to assist first home buyers enter the market. As Property Guide grew into other services over time PGA was born. Now specialising in finance, financial planning, accounting and more through our collaboration with partners. PGA specialises in investment structuring and wealth creation and is sharing this blueprint to enable everyone to participate.

Founded by Michael Mancuso and Sam Adams, the  founders have had tremendous success in building wealth through property as they have managed to create their own property portfolios. The plan behind any investment will ensure the success and the ramifications involved.

Get Started.


From our initial first meeting, right the way through to the collaboration with many of our chosen partners, we offer you an unparalleled, understandable and most importantly; a trustworthy experience of solutions, which will put you on the right path to financial security.

Ready to invest

in your future? 

By taking this important first step we at PGA will be working alongside you, partnering with you to help build your portfolio of assets, assisting you to reduce debt whilst ensuring you are using your tax dollars to assist in creating wealth for you and your family’s future.

“Thanks to the team at PGA for giving the confidence to secure my first investment property. Sam was so helpful and simplified the things I needed to know which has allowed me to learn so much from their process, highly recommend working with these guys”

Annabelle - Graduate Accountant

“It was a pleasure dealing with young guns who know what they’re doing. PGA has helped me see more of how other Australian’s are creating property portfolio’s in areas of growth. Thanks, team.”

Paul Balestra - Plumber


Call Now: 1800 PGA PGA
Call Now: 1800 PGA PGA